Sunday, March 21, 2010

Question 5

How to use communication in getting a job?

For me we can use communication to share our Opinion or Analysis directly. At some point we will be asked to share our opinion and explain how we came to that opinion. We may even need to defend our opinion in a cool, concise way. Listen to others, and pay attention to how they express themselves. Be aware of our company culture, and stay within that framework.

A fun way to improve this skill is to listen to talk radio shows that feature controversial issues. If we scan our AM dial during drive time, we're sure to come across one. We'll hear many articulate people sharing and defending their view. We may even feel compelled to call in and try our skills with the host.

We also can find a mentor. Role play with our mentor and ask for candid feedback. Most times when we are asked our opinion at work, it is regarding a subject we are close to. Relax and share our experience. Be confident in our self because we are the expert on what we do. All forms of communication are a reflection of our professionalism, our intellect, our preparedness, and our character. We'll never be sorry we took the time to develop our communication skills.