Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Love My Friends

i just wanted to remind you
that i love you a lot and
thanks god everyday for
blessing me with a friend
that is just simply amazing
so when you think there
is no one who understand
or cares,
remember that
i love you and try to
S M I L E ;))

Enjoy the Ride.

Fall in love or fall in hate.
Get inspired or be depressed.
Ace a test or flunk a class.
Speak the truth or lie or cheat.
Dance on tables or sit in the corner.
Life is divine chaos. Embrace it.
Forgive yourself. Breathe.
And enjoy the ride...

Friday, January 22, 2010



place that i get knowledge.
 place that i get new friends.
love it! huhu~~

My friends that I love

from left sha, Shira (they are twins), me, Yani and irne. At this time we went to Irne's village to eat rambutan at Pekan,Pahang.. It was a very best time that i never had.. After that, I got a sore throat because eat rambutan too much!. haha
Swear! I will never forget this time.. luv u ols! ;)) 

this is alia. i love her! we always shares every thing in our life.
although we are new friend, but she's really understand me very much. thanks dear! ;)

***to other my friends, i love u all too but I'm sorry I don't put your picture here because I don't have your pic. hihi :p

Someone give it to me. is it nice huh??? :)

i m very touching after got this picture. thanks muhd firdaus! i love u! ;))