Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Question 2

As an IT ambassador of the future, what will be your contribution towards the development of ICT in Malaysia? In order to achieve our goals, what preparations that your are suppose to do as an IT student. 

Malaysia has been considered to be the era of wireless communications being led by two major trends: the outburst of wireless access communications which is offering mobility to the telephone users and the mobile multimedia, and the increasing number of mobile communications subscribers.

So, I want this wireless will increase the bandwidth at network speeds of 100Mbps where 1,3 million premises in the country will be covered under this project on the future.

This project is widely seen as instrumental in transforming the country's telecommunications infrastructure into the Internet Protocol era, where households and businesses will be getting broadband network access for triple play services such as voice, video and internet.

I hope this sector will continue to represent one of the most important expansion in the ICT industry in Malaysia. Therefore I will use all the sophistication of technology I have in Malaysia is to achieve my goals as a ambassador.

I'll also see a system made by other countries such as japan and the united states as an example to become a developed nation and the rapid development of ICT.