Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Question 1

What is your blog style??
My blog style is colorful. I choose a colorful templates for my blog because I love colorful very much! Beside that, it also can attract people to view my blog always. The collaboration of color in my blog very suitable and can make my blog more colorful and interesting. With the black as a background color it can make my blog more beautiful if I use colorful words.

What is your blogger persona??
A colorful blog. It will make everyone will like to view my blog always. 

Why I have to write a blog??
Why I have to write a blog?  Blog like a diary for me because blog is the place to pour out all of those my thoughts and ideas, dreams and ambitions. A collection of stories, humor, photography and personal information also can I share in the blog. Apart from that, I can get to  know each other more closer and more details, can follow my friend's blog everyday, and also as a accompanying when i bored.

What I have learned about being blogger??
First of all, blog are part of a conversation. As a blogger we link liberally to others, reader's comment and so do source and participants. I think we've also learned that blog can be a great extension to articles reported initially for the newspapers. Reporters are finding they can use Bits to add additional information and open up discussion that flow from their reporting. Apart from that, I also can get more friends and can share everything to them.

What did I think about blogging before this class and what do I think of it now??
Before this, I think that blog just only place to make a gossip and shown the feelings and tell about him of her self. Beside that, I think blog also the place who someone put a list of songs and the color was not interesting.

But, after I learned about it I thing blog is the best way for me to anticipate growing trends with because the blog was an attempt to position myself in the middle of that emerging trend, to help shape it and to create a profile within it and I'll be able to solve problems and meet needs. Apart from that, I also can makes a publication of personal thoughts, experiences, and web links. It is updated frequently and is usually a mixture of what is happening in a person's life and what is happening on the web or in the media. I also can make my blog be more colorful and interesting to attract in other person's eye.